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Company Profile

B.A.T. TRIMS Pty. Ltd. has been serving the Tiling Industry for more than 35 years. This solely Australian owned and operated family business started from humble beginnings in a 180m2 factory/warehouse in 1985 in Dandenong, Victoria. To date, B.A.T. TRIMS is recognised as the most innovative supplier of Tiling Trims, Tiling Tools, and Allied Accessories in Australia.

Our strategically placed Branch Offices and Warehouses in Melbourne (Head Office and Manufacturing), Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Townsville allows us to service our customers fast and efficiently with readily available product ex-local warehouse stock.

Our vast range of quality products is constantly brought up to the latest standards and our already large range of Tiling Trims is regularly complimented with new innovative designs in line with current and future changes and demands within the Tiling and Building Industries. We are in constant close association with Architects and Interior Designers.

As our target market is traditionally the professional portion of the Tiling Industry, we have been very selective in our choice of business associates and suppliers in order to maintain the highest possible standards of quality products available. We are proud to say that we enjoy the trust and respect of many overseas and local companies/suppliers and manufacturers of which we have a very close relationship with, and in most cases an Exclusive Distributor arrangement.

To name a few:


In addition to our “Standard” range of products, we have the facilities and expertise to manufacture (in Melbourne), special customised products such as rolled/curved tiling trims, expansion joints etc.

Our aim is to continue and improve our service to the Tiling Industry for another 35 years and beyond.

B.A.T. Trims has added recycling of imaging and consumables with zero waste to landfill. This program collects and returns inkjet, toner cartridges, toner bottles and other imaging consumables from printers, fax machines and photocopiers for reprocessing and recycling. 

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